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Office for Milliways' Security

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Name:Office for Milliways' Security
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About the Community

Welcome to the security office for the [community profile] milliways_bar RPG.

The security office is located in Bigby's former rooms in the staff quarters. The structural integrity of the office and cells is maintained by the ambient magic of the environment. A description of that can be found in this post

Inside, it contains a desk, many chairs, a few filing cabinets, a whiteboard and a corkboard as well as a coffeemaker and a few mugs. There's a desk lamp, an ashtray which always needs serious emptying, a wastepaper basket, various stationary and office equipment like a stapler, whiteboard markers, pens, thumbtacks, file folders and so forth. It's a bit cramped and is lit solely by a single dangling bulb and shade.

Think of those old gumshoe movies and you'll get the picture. Unlike those detective offices, though, it's cramped because a fairly significant portion of it is taken up by the magical holding cells, Baby. The corkboard is behind the desk and the whiteboard is right next to the door, on the inside wall. The cells themselves are usually very spartan, containing little more than a bed and some plumbing.

Security FAQs

1. What is security's presence in the bar?

There is always a security pup in the bar, unless we note otherwise. The characters work in shifts, making sure to cover all hours, with the possibility of more than one working during a peak time. This does not, however, mean that we -- as muns -- are either capable of or responsible for posting security pups in the bar at all hours of the day. We are very busy and are also here to have fun, after all. Therefore, please do not have your character call attention to a lack of security. If a security pup is needed, there is usually at least one security mun online at any given time, and failing that, we all check the back room and will reply as soon as possible. OOC communication is a wonderful thing!

2. Who is on security?

The current roster is as follows:

Head: X-23 ([personal profile] cutting_edgex23).

Full-time: Thor ([personal profile] mjolnir_retriever), Teja ([personal profile] ostro_goth), Molly Hayes ([personal profile] cute_bruiser), Enzo Matrix ([personal profile] a1enzo), El Santo ([personal profile] el_enmascarado_de_plata), Raphael ([personal profile] mnt_raph), Gene Hunt ([personal profile] the_gene_genie), Atton Rand ([personal profile] stuck_mynock)

Part-time: Brienne of Tarth ([personal profile] maid_of_tarth), Harry "Hotspur" Percy ([personal profile] harryhotspur)

This is subject to change. For an up-to-date list of security members, and all bar staff, please refer to this list, kindly prepared by Cass.

3. How do we contact security muns?

The same way you would contact any other player: check user info pages for contact info or the master contact list here. Ask in crackchat. Failing that, post in the back room. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

4. So security definitely has a presence. How do I get security involved in my plot? Or keep them from getting involved?

Out-of-character communication. It's really quite simple and cannot be stressed enough. This is, primarily, a plot based game, and none of us are interested in power-tripping. Furthermore, it is impossible for us to be completely caught up on every thread playing out in the bar. We will NOT respond to a fight or injury unless asked to step in, because to do so without OOC communication could potentially destroy pre-arranged plot. This is a courtesy to you and your character, not a comment on security efficacy. Please keep that in mind.

Again, if you want security to take action, contact us via the methods listed above.

This applies both to planned fights and all those spontaneous explosions of temper that are so much fun. That being said, the time to look around for a security mun/character is not one tag away from someone getting shot, especially if this is a pre-arranged fight. If you know you're going to be bringing in a violent character, staging a fight or otherwise playing out trouble, take the time to contact security for arrangements before hand.

5. How long will my pup be locked up?

Because the crimes at Milliways are so creative and varied, there is no set or standard length of punishment. How long your character stays in the cells is up to the arresting security pup, the security mun and you. The one exception to this would be if a crime is so heinous that the head of security and both barmen would want to get involved, but everyone would still be consulted. This is another example of why OOC communication is absolutely necessary.

6. What is Baby?

Baby is the cells. Created by Tim Hunter, she was made by magic and remains magical and sentient in nature. She only opens for members of security, Sallie, and Mike, and is completely impervious to magic. That means no one can escape -- no jail breaks. Baby will alert security members if someone attempts to break into the office. Additionally, she won't allow a prisoner to starve to death or otherwise fall ill under her watch without alerting security.

She is currently tied to Andrew Wells ([personal profile] stilljustandrew) in a similar, but not as intense, way to the connection between Bar, Mike, and Sallie.

7. How does my character receive visitors while in the cells? Or get released?

First and foremost, when your character is put in the cells, join the community. It is not open membership, but one of us will approve you as soon as possible.

Once accepted, feel free to post to the community with your character in the cells. Visitors will need to be let into the office by a member of security, so contact a security mun and ask for a thread or permission to say that security pup A let visitor B into the office. If you are concerned with being able to catch a security mun online, be sure to ask the mun of the arresting character when your pup is put in the cells.

It is not okay to god security characters. They are inherently not NPCs, but actual characters that might be involved in plot elsewhere, et cetera. Keep asking around. Someone will help you out.

The same goes for when it comes time for your character to be released. They cannot release themselves, so please arrange for a release time and date with a security mun. An actual thread need not happen, but there DOES need to be OOC permission for release.

-- ALL threads and notes in the office community need to be linked to the main bar, per a long-standing game rule.

-- For more information on security, check out the Milliways FAQs here.

Remember, we are all here to have fun!
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